About Us

Dietitian Rupal Jasani is founder of Rupal's Diet clinic. Following to her hoppy in diet management, she started diet clinic in year 2012 with aim to help people to improve their health. She has done bachelor of home science in foods and nutrition. She has more than 16 years of experience in serving people in diet and nutrition. During this period, I had worked in hospital to provide diet according to patient’s disease, worked in nurtricare centre as consultant to provide diet based on clients’ need and have also more than 3 years of experience serving client as freelancer.

I am expert in weight management, cholesterol management, PCOS/PCOD and thyroid diet, diabetic diet, blood pressure, sports nutrition.

I strongly believe more than 80% health issues can be cured using proper diet. It’s just to change life style and some habits to be healthy without supplement, starvation and short term solutions. And also there is no short cut to be healthy, it requires proper diet management.

Diet management is my hobby more than profession. I enjoy reading diet and nutrition related stuff. When I see my knowledge/consultation helps my client in being healthy, it gives me sense of satisfaction and happiness. It also motivates me in reading more and come up with better ways of solving health related issues. I also enjoy spending in reading different recipes, their nutrition merits and try preparing same recipes with better nutri. Merits.